Headphones For 100 Dollars

Sometimes we find ourselves in need of quality headphones for just $100, finding such is not quite simple especially if you don’t know much about headphones and sound quality. There are a lot of cheap headphones on the market and only a few of them will meet your needs for a good headphones. On this article we have review a handful of the few best headphone available on the market today. With taking much time let’s jump to the review.

Audio-Technica ATH-40X

Audio-Technica headphones have a reputation for being low-price high quality headphones in the market. They never disappoint when it comes to quality. People who choose this brand of headphone have given positive feedback. They have great features like

  • Clear sound
  • Customizable wit easy to rotate ear phone
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connect

Grado SR60e

Grado is another great quality headphone with a pocket-friendly price. The headphone can be used by sound engineers, music producers and other users. They have a great design and number of features including

  • quality microphone
  • Stylish
  • foldable

Sony MDR 7506 Professional

Sony is reputed for having high quality products especially the sound systems. Getting a Sony Headphone for 100 dollars it’s a great deal. They have a great sound quality and design other than that, they come occupied with a vast of features which include

  • Customizable
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with various devices


On this post we only managed to pick a handful of the best headphones available today. There are a lot of others and checking consumer reviews about them and testing them before buying is quite recommended. If you don’t have time for all that, then you need to pick one from the above review. Next time you got to shop for a pair of headphones, ensure that you take a look at the above mentioned.

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