Live Simply using Futons

Futon originated in Japan and since then it has made its way to the Western countries. It has definitely undergone a major transition from being a mattress to a sofa cum bed. The futon when it first started in Japan was just a soft and fluffed-up mattress which was widely used in every household. It was used on the bed or it was laid down on the floor.  But when it started to move westward, it slowly turned into a full-fledged bed concept. In European and Western countries, it is a part of the sofa which can be turned into a bed also. The mattress used is derived from the futon only.

It is generally used for leisure purposes and it is widely kept in study rooms, studio apartments or galleries. Futon is not considered to be a dining room material as it is not as formal and sophisticated as any sofa or divan. You can spend your leisure time lying down and use it extensively. The advantage of futon is that it is very rugged and easy to clean. It can be dried or beaten to disturb the dust. It is easy to carry and maintain.

The disadvantage that it has is its usage. As it has some definite use and cannot be used anywhere makes it a little place specific. Futon has become so popular that almost all major furniture chain is selling futon. Major chains such as IKEA have a large range of diversified futons. To woo customers, these furniture chains have modified futons according to the demands. Few have implemented design patterns, reduced the size, enabled machine stitching and by these means futons have been transformed.

Check out the different sample pictures of futon which will definitely make you fall in love with this piece of joy. Lie down and feel the heaven.

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