Pointers for a successful Cosplay

Do you enjoy cosplay, then there are a couple of pointers that you need to know before you enter a convention. dragon-ball-son-gohan-cosplay-costumes-001

  • If your costume requires the use of a wig, don’t style it unless you are sure about what you are doing. It is best to get one that is already styled and ready to use. You do not want your wig to fall off in the middle of the cosplay because of your inability to style it properly.
  • When choosing the character it is not necessary that the character should belong to the same gender. In fact you can always choose the opposite gender and pull of their style better than anyone else. Remember that there is no one who better out there who can play your character in your own hair, skin and color like you can.
  • Partying along is a bit of a drag. Rope along a couple of friends and enjoy having fun with your character with them. When you go as a gang you can also try group cosplay where you can choose the team of characters that you want to represent.
  • Be prepared for tears, snaps and pops when you cosplay. Bring with you a couple of clips and pins, just in case any such events happen. These things will come in handy for quick fixes and will not let it ruin your day.
  • No matter which outfit you choose, make sure that you are comfortable in what you are. If you are not, then the whole purpose of you having fun, doing what you love the most, is just a huge feeling of discomfort. After all, you will be in your costume for hours together and you discomfort is the last feeling that you need.
  • Another awkward, yet very right, thing to think about is to know how to use the bathroom when in the costume. This is where the waiting line leading to the bathroom will be time well spent if you choose to get yourself free of all the external gears which includes armor, swords and what nots.super_mario_bros_princess_dress_cosplay_costume

Cosplay costumes are a part and parcel of cosplay. If you do not have the time or essentials to make your own costume, you can also choose to buy one which will turn out to be a better end of the bargain as far as time consumption is concerned.

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